just like me

5 December 1978
I am a graphics artist in persuit of supporting myself with the art that I do. I love cranking out posters like these. I do web design too and if you can pay or barter with me, I'll make something for you.

I'm totally in love with pictures of myself because, one, I'm hott, and two, fat girls are supposed to run from photoshoots. Fuck that. I like being fat. I just hate being treated shitty, so shooo if you can't deal with it. Fat is hot. Your fatphobic (and transphobic and queerphobic, etc.) bullhooey is sooo Not.

I want to make friends with people who bend the limits but are not so high on themselves that they can't see how stupid arrogance looks. I like Nerdy, geeky boys/bois and sexy tomboys. queers and the like. People who talk a lot and like to dance even if they look like idiots doing it. People who are sex positive and like to talk about sex... a lot. People with big 80s metal hair. Lesbians with big dogs or motorcycles. Faggots with Cocktails. Trashy folks. People who like to read. People who believe in zombies. People who can teach me how to screenprint, play drums, build a robot, or anyone who inspires me to creative outbursts. People who like board games. People who aren't snotty. People with a sense of humor and an ability to use it respectfully. People who make yummy food. People who smell nice. People who want to be friends. I'm an activist, I'm a homo, I'm a cello player and an artist. I am insecure sometimes but I think honesty is the way to go. I love drinking and having fun. I love music and fashion and bad tv.

I'm for universal health care, queer rights, socialism, antiracism, and a free world for all to have fun, not because of selfishness and capitolism, but in spite of it.

I love music and making rad posters and singing and dancing dressing hot and being a good friend.